We have partnered with the finest lawyers and mortgage professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Our affiliates continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our many clients. Due to their due diligence and dedication, they are able to administer and manage every situation possible.

Levy Zavet consists of top lawyers, law clerks and assistants in the Ontario area. At Levy Zavet we are governed by three core principles: to provide unparalleled service, to be on the cutting edge of legal trends in our respective practice areas, and to provide our customers with value added services. In order to achieve those goals the lawyers and staff at Levy Zavet work hard to understand our clients’ unique issues. We believe that this thoroughness allows us tailor the best possible solutions to address our clients’ immediate needs which in turns provides a foundation to build a long lasting relationship. In short, our goal is to become our clients’ their trusted advisors.

Safeguard Underwriting has over a decade of experience in providing expert residential and commercial mortgage underwriting services. Our expertise includes the provision of both end-to-end fulfillment and component based solutions for ratio analysis, fraud detection, analysis of credit, assets, income and collateral.

Our key underwriting responsibilities include the extended evaluation and analysis of private mortgages and applicant and property worthiness. Our services also include the accurate assessment of applicant risk and communication with brokers, borrowers, appraisers and solicitors.