Secondary or alternative funding is now a staple aspect of the finance mix for those seeking residential and commercial mortgages. As such, the need for reliable trust worthy mortgage administration for lenders in this segment is vital.

With The Mortgage Administrator Inc., the services provided to private lenders, lenders that work with MICs or Mortgage Syndications is made available to the individual(s) who prefer to maintain control over their lending investments. We deliver equivalent administration services in a licensed and insured manner for lenders regardless of size or sophistication.

The Mortgage Administrator Inc. is uniquely positioned as the premier mortgage administration firm in the Country. With our seasoned management team, we provide loan administration services and tools, to private investors who wish to have their mortgage or lending investment portfolio’s managed in a cost effective way. Our years of industry experience, super-efficient processes, and easy to use state of the art technology applications will result in a high return on your investment.

Our goal is to streamline and make comfortable the entire client experience.