The Mortgage Administrator Inc. can be, in effect, your Bookkeeper/Management Team and single point of reference for your loan/mortgage. Our seasoned team of professionals can safely manage borrower payments, which are placed into our trust account until cleared by the Canadian Payments Association. The Mortgage Administrator Inc. will also, at your request, attach any important documentation (tax bills, fire insurance, solicitors reporting letters, etc.) to your files for your easy access. Our team of managers offer you:


  • Secured management of loan/mortgage payments (Cheque or Electronic)
  • Seamless administration and reporting of loans as they approach the due date
  • Managing of Vendor Take Back (VTB) mortgages throughout the term after closing
  • Freedom from loan maintenance after investing
  • Accurate tracking of Investors lending portfolio’s and investments
  • Collection of payments into a trust account and depositing of net funds to the Investor