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About Us

Safeguard Underwriting has over a decade of experience in providing expert residential and commercial mortgage underwriting services. Our expertise includes the provision of both end-to-end fulfillment and component based solutions for ratio analysis, fraud detection, analysis of credit, assets, income and collateral.

Our key underwriting responsibilities include the extended evaluation and analysis of private mortgages and applicant and property worthiness. Our services also include the accurate assessment of applicant risk and communication with brokers, borrowers, appraisers and solicitors.

How it Works

You send us all documents received by the borrower or the broker

We review and investigate all information provided for reliability, accuracy and fraud detection

In a timely manner we provide a summary of the information received, point out red flags or areas of concern, recommend if additional documents should be requested, rate the risk of the borrower, property, credit, application, and give overall recommendations on lending

At your discretion contact the broker or borrower to request clarification on information provided or request additional supporting documentation

Audit borrower documentation

Review appraisals and/or environmental reports, point out red flags, areas of concern

Review and recommend on property marketability, deal structure, integrity and proposed use

Conduct phone interviews with borrower to confirm identity, use of requested funds, and an understanding of the terms of the mortgage

Complete site visits

Give lenders peace of mind by verifying the integrity of each transaction prior to the Lender advancing funds


At Safeguard Underwriting we are sensitive to our private lenders concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Lenders can specify their preferred method of contact with us and we will not disclose their identity without expressed or written consent from them.

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We review borrower information, assets, liabilities, credit, property value and intended use. We’re looking for accuracy, reliability, credit worthiness, credit character and integrity of the deal to give you peace of mind your money is invested wisely.

Never before have lenders felt so comfortable and confident that the necessary steps have been taken to ensure their money is safely invested in a smart transaction.

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  • Application analysis, review and recommendation
  • Credit analysis, review and recommendation
  • Appraisal analysis, review and recommendation
  • Document analysis, review and recommendation
  • Borrower interview, review and recommendation
  • Site Visit(s)
  • Environmental Phase 1 & Phase 2 analysis
  • MLS review
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement review
  • Communication with Brokers
  • Communication with Borrowers
  • Request documents
  • Communication with Lender’s solicitors